Cardi B | Chinese Kitty

Chinese Kitty gets the boot for being late at filming for Martioni’s show!


Muse Fashion Guru finally joined forces with Chinese Kitty, who will be the main actor of a new TV series. The problem is, she actually showed up way too late! Kitty was over 2 hours late, and this is a big no-no for big celebrities. The film director, Martioni, was certainly not amused. He had to fire Kitty, and he’s now looking for replacement artists! 


Can you imagine any of the big time celebrities like Cardi B or Migos being late for filming? I don’t think so! This is why Martioni expects nothing but the top-A game from his stars, and sadly, Chinese Kitty did not deliver. 


Martioni’s new series is all about fresh fashion, and making fresh new clothing from the artists, with all the challenges of making the designs happen.


Martioni’s upcoming TV show is currently in the works, and it has already raised enough buzz in the industry: many people are eager to know who is going to replace Chinese Kitty, and become the new star of this epic fashion-based show, which will immediately set the bar higher for the audience.