Muse Fashion Guru | Chinese Kitty


“Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses”


Some of the most successful artists in the world have become huge success by posting sexy images. They became so popular that they even getting invited to do a T.V Series!

This amazing new show is all about becoming the Muse for Martioni, a high fashion clothing brand with a unique look and a sexy look designs!

Artists will be able to wear some of the designs they helped create for the market, and also the possibility to get discovered by a large audience and connect with the world by showing their own personalities, If selected for the muse series, the artists can truly enjoy global exposure, with so much more beyond than Instagram! This will include possible other TV roles, and much more.


The first step? Easy. Get on the phone with Martioni, send some sexy images wearing something inspirational and work with Martioni to create a true fashion look for each artists. Then, it is as easy as setting up a date for location and filming! Alongside the shoot, the muse pilot will also be filmed with all of the artists together towards November 30th, 2019 in Atlanta for the final episode.


Get in touch quickly, because the opportunity is very limited!




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