Drake | Muse Fashion Guru

Drake and Chris Brown are two of the most respected names in the world of modern rap and R&B. In fact, it is safe to say that they are so famous that even fans outside these genres actually know and like them!
These two amazing superstars have charmed global audiences with their unique tone and feel, and over the span of a few years, they’ve actually made a point to refine their sound and release a wide variety of extremely successful singles.

These two global best-selling artists are finally joining forces together! Dark and Chris Brown will bring new music to life and combine their fantastic talent to conquer the audience once again!
It’s not just about musical talent: for people who are so famous, it’s important to really keep a great image. This is why so many super stars around the world actually love the new high end Trap Clothing design from Martioni! This is a truly amazing model, which captures the true essence of the best star power and fashion!