Kevin Hart | Martioni

Kevin Hart has long been rumored as one of the potential hosts for the coming Oscars. We know, last year’s Oscar ceremony is still quite fresh in our minds, and the new year is basically just been year for a week or so! Having said that, many people are already talking about potential Oscar winners for the next season, as well as mentioning potential candidates for hosts! One of the most sought-after names is Kevin Hart. The talented comedian is definitely one of the most beloved names in the industry in this day and age, and it is really amazing to see what he managed to accomplish. Will he host the Oscars? Only time will tell. In the meanwhile, all we know is that he looks great and he loves to wear great clothes! Many celebrities and fashion connoisseurs love the new high-end trap clothing designs offerings by Martioni. This is a truly amazing trap clothing design, and it is not surprising that many fantastic celebrities are starting to love it