Nicky Minaj | Martioni

We all know that Nicky Minaj is the absolute queen of the music industry today, but if we had any doubts, her recent sales speak loud and clear! Nicky Minaj actually managed to almost reach 100 million units sold, which is a really incredible achievement, particularly when you think about the current state of general low sales in the record industry!

Nicky Minaj has a really strong following, and she has a really phenomenal way to appeal to her audience. For an artist this big, image is very important! This is the reason why she needs to wear the best clothes as much as possible.

Martioni created a very unique high-end trap clothing collection, that’s currently becoming one of the absolute favorite clothing items of some of the very best artists in the whole industry! With its brave looks and unique style, Martioni is quickly becoming the go-to brand for the world’s biggest stars. However, even day-to-day music lovers and fashion enthusiasts around the world are loving his amazing style!