Lil Baby and Kollision

Lil Baby is up on the media again, making it big on the mainstream world with his unique song with Drake, reaching over 13 million viewers on Youtube! The artist is proudly represented by QC (Quality Control) a label that also works with artists the likes of Cardi B, Migos, and including Kollision, who is actually just finished a tour with lil Baby and Mbl has released a new single with Hartley and Kollision (Money Roll).


Money Roll is an explosive tune, that’s on track to become a huge hit, and make it huge on the radio stations everywhere. In addition to that, Mbl Group International is really going to take Money Roll as far as possible, with a campaign that will involve upscale discounted Target stores all across America with the challenge match, each sale from target and money made from streaming. Target is being challenged by Mbl to match the money that it’s raised on this national campaign. This is not just about promoting a song, but also about giving back to the community in a big way, donating a percentage of each stream and sales for a good cause: helping out public libraries in America.


In addition to that, Mbl is also working with an amazing new sex symbol Model, Payton Scott, who is going on tour presenting billboards of one of her famous photos, along with Money Roll, making appearances and supporting the release alongside Kollision and Hartley - This is a true dream team, and we will certainly see Payton connecting with millions of followers face to face across USA , and possibly landing on some movie and TV roles!