Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj recently released a brand new studio album titled “Queen”. For some, the record was a success, and the best music released by the artist to date. For artist, it was actually a little bit of a disappointment. Needless to say, the record was very polarizing for fans and the music community as a whole, and Minaj was even criticized for the sexual innuendos behind her lyrics. The album is actually very provocative and some considered it quite obscene, and recently the artist even talked about the position of sex for women in the industry. Nicki Minaj claimed that there are many girls who are beautiful and talented, but they sell themselves out and offer sex in exchange of money, in her own words, like “modern day prostitutes”. These statements were highly criticized by many Twitter users, but the star bluntly responded, standing her ground and fighting for her on beliefs. 

Musicians with strong ideas are always inspiring, even if controversial. This is why we really love the new release, Atl Hip Hop Money Roll!