Camila Capello and Normani Kordei

Ever since they split up Fifth Harmony over 2 years ago, Camila Capello and Normani Kordei haven’t exactly been spending a lot of time together.

However, the pair managed to surprise the fans with a very special reunion photo right at the Billboards music awards event in Las Vegas!

It seems like the two artists met up backstage and this is the first time that any member of Fifth Harmony actually got together with Camila since back in 2016.


Could this be the beginning of a reunion, and perhaps, a hint of new music in the way? It is quite hard to speculate, but one thing is for sure: many fans would love to see this famous girl group reunite and really bring something new to the table! Cabello even joined pharrell on stage for a couple of songs, showing that she still has a great stage presence and charisma. Normani seemed very supportive about the performance, because she was out there, clapping with fans! 

While waiting for a possible new music from Fifth Harmony, we like to see what else is new in the music world, and we came across “Rap Money Roll”, a fantastic new single released by QC Kollision! 

This is a great song that highlights the amazing state of the hip-hop scene at the moment!