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Hip Host: Atl Hip Hop Money Roll 


Hip-Hop is certainly one of the most discussed topics of the year: the music is far from just being an underground phenomenon: it is now a massive media hurricane and a mainstream success! La Love The Boss, is one of the latest artists on the scene, and definitely one that everyone is talking about due to her unique way to cover the billboard news of 2018 and other cool stories, such as Childish Gambino’s groundbreaking new video for “This Is America,” or even Kendrick Lamar’s recent Pulitzer win.


Hip-hop is now a super successful genre that sees a lot of high chart action, with many rappers topping the Billboard hit lists of 2018. On the other hand, not all great rappers are already there: some are still climbing the way to the top! This is certainly the case for the new release by Qc Kollision label, “Rap Money Roll.”

This new single is undoubtedly going to make it big and reach out to new audiences, as the track keeps on growing and growing by the day! The Billboard top won't be too far for "Rap Money Roll", if the track keeps growing at such a fast rate.

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