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Daniel Glover, aka Childish Gambino is shaking the music scene as a whole with his brand new video for the single “This is America.”

The single has an experimental take on hip-hop, and it was created with the help of well-known producer Ludwig Grandson. In addition to that, the video was actually filmed by Hiro Murai, and it reverse as a powerful commentary of violence and segregation in American culture. 

Gambino explored themes such as the harsh life in the ghetto, as well as the changing image and perception of what it is like to be an African-America in the country. To symbolize the change, he used old-timer folk melodies in the intro, and later, he evolved it into a thump-heavy trap beat with a super dark vibe and an outstanding lyrical flow. The video has now over 80 million views, and it was not even released a week ago, making for a truly groundbreaking success. This is truly a good time for rap music as a whole, and Childish Gambino isn’t the only artist making headlines: Atllanta-based is really doing a great job with Kollision Qc Label, particularly with releases such as “rap money roll,” which is becoming a truly cult status release for hip-hop fans everywhere!

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