Kendrick Lamar | La Love the Boss

Recently, Kendrick Lamar made hip-hop history, by winning a well-deserved Pulitzer prize for his work.

The Californian rapper might not have won the grammy for best album of the year for “D.A.M.N.” but he surely got something even better: A prestigious Pulitzer prize. Not many musical artists have been celebrated with this high honor, let alone rappers. However, Kendrick Lamar really hit the mark, become the first rap artist in the world to be awarded with a Pulitzer, an award that has been expanded to recognize musicians back in 1943. For all these years, only classical and jazz musicians won the award, and Kendrick was the first artist to win the Pulitzer without belonging to either of these categories.


Dana Canedy, the administrator of the prizes, actually stated that the award really “shines a light on hip-hop in a completely different way.”

Indeed, this is certainly a fantastic moment for this artist, and he was definitely awarded with a fantastic honor that will be remembered forever and ever in the annals of history of music, and not just hip-hop!

Kendrick Lamar is not the only artist who is revolutionizing hip-hop: for example, the Kollision Qc label is making huge waves in the industry with “rap money roll”, which is becoming more and more popular for fans from all over the world.