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Met Gala 2018


Every year, the Met Gala is hosted by the costume institute at the metropolitan museum of art. This year, the theme is catholic imagination, and George Clooney completely missed the the memo, because he got confused and went to the wrong party. He showed up in a black tie tuxedo, along with his wife Amal Clooney.


Rihanna won the price for the best wardrobe, but her costume didn’t fit completely, it looked one size to small and it looked a few years off the current trends, so it’s very strange that she actually won!


Maybe the stylist must have just picked the wrong dress for Rihanna, because she is the queen of Hip Hop and she should be more careful with the people that tailor her style.

Football player Tom Brady looked great and he fit the theme perfectly, as he understood how to play the outline for the event.


Kim kardashian also looked amazing with a themed catholic long gown in an updated look. I guess she did her homework when it’s about fashion looks! The only problem was with her nail: she didn’t have time to have them done before the gala event, so, Kate Perry decided to burn some of her wealth by having her private jet do a special delivery. If she only knew how much she contaminated the planet because of a silly request, just to please someone who really doesn’t care anything about pollution!


Zendaya was dressed to match the period, but her look was completely out of tune with the theme. She showed up like she was casting for a rebellious outcast character!

I don’t understand why she didn’t hire the right stylist, because she is such a good looking woman and she could have picked something more appealing and taken the price alway from Rihanna!


Beyonce didn’t make it to the event, but who really cares? She wasn’t the host anyway! 

People need to understand that Beyonce is just a guest, and give her space because she needs her private time to deal with her personal affairs with J-Z


Cardi B and The Migos didn’t really blend into the gala event because the press didn’t put to much attention on them. However, she is doing really well with her hip hop music, and she is having tremendous success with her concerts. The press didn’t say too much, up until she decided to bring out her ghetto Cardi B style into the set.

An autograph seeker approached her for a small request, and she turned him down. It got out of hand, when Offset send out his guard dogs to get the autograph seeker alway from Cardi B, I guess that’s what happens when you come from the hood and climb up on the upper class events, It’s just not the right mix!


Cardi B tried explaining herself on social media by saying that she is pregnant and needed her space. If she was to hire professional people to protect her, this could have been prevented. Now, the autograph seeker was taken to go to the emergency hospital in NYC, and he will probably open a civil law suit for millions of dollars! 


The problem with ghetto money is that they just don’t blend in with upper class.