Billboards 2018 | La Love the Boss

Hip Hop is certainly one of the most talked-about topics through the world, and news related to the Hip-Hop scene are a strong topic of conversation for most people across the globe. La Love the Boss has landed right at the center of these conversations!


She is making headlines by bringing hip hop news to another level of excellence with her iconic beauty and super-sexy appearance. She will be covering the latest top hip-hop stories, such as Billboard’s top of 2018. Great male artists who have top-100 songs are currently battling to be featured on the Billboard charts of 2018. For example, there is Post Malone, who has popped up from the shadows to compete with the two top artists on the scene: Kendrick Lamar (who has won the Pulitzer price) and pop singer Ed Sheeran.


The Migos have also made headlines with amazing hit songs, but they didn’t get a chance to be consider for the 2018 Billboard charts. Quality Control Music doesn’t only have The Migos under their belt, but also Kollision, who is making waves with his new single, “Rap Money Roll? featuring Dano Cashh and Nikki Paige , the new single is poised to have high hopes of making it to the top of the Billboard charts for 2019