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Immediately press release March 8th, 2018:

Money roll!

Quality Control Music is a fast-growing independent label, known for working with artists such as The Migos. The label has made history, by achieving one billion streams in only twenty days. Coach K and Pee are the masterminds behind QC, and their latest secret is about to be unleashed. 

New York Times "Kollision, another artist in development, recalled Pee encouraging him" Kollision has been making a name for himself and is about to be lit up! With his upcoming new single. The track is titled “Money Roll”, and it is about laundering money and having fun, living life like a VIP at the Money Roll table. The featured artist performer Dano Cashh, who contributed to the hook. The intro is about a young lady, being left behind because her man went to prison for 15 years, leaving her with the need to maintain her lifestyle. She is forced to become a working girl at the VIP Money Roll table, Ft| Bre.

The beats were produced by blakkbeats and fatboi, Grammy-nominated multi-platinum.

Song publisher: Martioni LTD, Mbl group international 

@iam_Kollision, @qualitycontrolmusic,@danocashh, @mbl-group-international