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"Turnt" Red Carpet, Concert and Bikini Fashion Show Set for Sept. 28th

Meta Title: "Turnt" red carpet, concert and bikini fashion show set for Sept. 28th


Meta Description: Atlanta will play host to a pre-party on Sept. 28th to celebrate the upcoming release of "Turnt." Festivities include a red carpet, concert and bikini fashion show. 




Atlanta's Revel Club will play host to a red carpet, concert and midnight bikini fashion show on Sept. 28th as part of pre-party festivities that will celebrate the upcoming release of "Turnt." All of these events will be streamed on, and millions of viewers are expected throughout the evening. 


That evening, the red carpet ceremonies are scheduled to start at 6 ET, the concert will take place from 9 to midnight, and the bikini fashion show will begin at midnight. Atlanta's CBS affiliate, WGCL, has already provided great coverage of this evening's events, and media coverage, local and national, is expected to continue to increase as the date gets closer. 


Over the last several years, Atlanta has started to become a hub for the movie industry as well as the epicenter for the black entertainment industry, making Georgia's capital city a perfect place for this pre-party. 


"Turnt," which was directed and written by Mann Robinson, is a movie that shows the real deal as far as what happens when aspiring artists try to get off the streets and experience success in the music industry. It is based on true events. 


In the movie, Kenny Stanford (Marian Berry) is one of those with this dream, but his aspirations are cut short when he is killed on the streets by rival musicians. Libaraiers (Jalmal Woolard) is hesitant to take over his deceased brother's dream of making it in music despite his mother encouraging it and attempts to make money in the streets instead. 


However, a series of circumstances provide him with an ability to leave that environment right when the situation there was about to cave in on him. Rita Robinson (Torrei Hart), who owns Double R Records, signs Libaraiers, whose rap name is Rilla, to a record deal. 


The movie analyzes a variety of issues related to the music industry. 


These include looking at DJs who tend to only play artists who are already hot and losing sight of the true meaning of music and the singers who are attempting to make a living as an artist, a living that they can be desperate to experience if they are struggling on the streets. And those are the same streets that those in the industry need as they search for those artists who will make it big and also earn themselves quite a bit of money in the process. 


Other actors involved in this movie include Dennis L.A. White, Wankaego Runyon, Chavante Mack, Benzino, Teresa Celeste, Turk, Lil Bankhead, Jonica Booth, Lil' Mo and Simone Shepherd.


The Revel Club is located at 1778 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd., about 6 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. 


The premiere of "Turnt" is scheduled to take place on Nov. 24th in Hollywood California.