Netflix Plunges Into the MBL, Fashion World

With Divas and Their Stilettos, Netflix Plunges Into the Fashion World


Meta Title: Brooklyn Model Competition to Transform Fashion Entertainment
Meta Description: Netflix show offers a fresh, exciting peek into what it takes to ascend the ranks of haute couture.
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Brooklyn, New York – August 13, 2016 – Divas and Their Stilettos, a new upcoming show on Netflix, promises to grant fashion-loving audiences a glimpse of lifestyles most have only dreamed of. 

According to insiders, Divas and Their Stilettos marks a major departure from typical fashion entertainment. Unlike similar fare, the show focuses on how experts in the industry help raw talent evolve and surpass their limits. MBL Group International, the firm behind the production, declared that it had entered into negotiations with Netflix to hammer out an exclusive distribution contract.

Viewers are certain to be drawn to the competition-style format. From the show's home base, a 2,500 square-foot studio in Brooklyn, NY, amateur models will train and hone their skills in an intensive casting process. The ultimate goal? Those who come out on top will be groomed to compete and work with professional models whose portfolios include the planet's top fashion houses and most sought-after designers.

"Our show does more than merely showcase people who know how to strike a pose or work a catwalk," says celebrity fashion stylist Jay Johnson. "It also shines a spotlight on the personality and talents that separate models from true divas. Abilities like being able to stay focused under pressure and performing outside of your comfort zone are absolute essentials."

With a portfolio including American Vogue, Paris Lancôme Cosmetics, Johnson is certainly qualified to head up such a unique undertaking. Along with a carefully chosen team, he'll be directing the casting process and leveraging his considerable contacts to broker the all-important sponsorship deals and product ties that drive the production.

Another interesting component of Divas and Their Stilettos lies in its audience participation aspect. Viewers get to select the best models, and these lucky few will walk in the annual December fashion show that caps off each season.

Fan choices will also make lasting ripples beyond the show. MBL Group and Johnson say that after the final catwalk, the absolute best models will be chosen to work with high-end international agencies and return as advisors on subsequent seasons. Few other programs connect audience engagement to real-world careers this clearly. Experts believe Divas and Their Stilettos sets a novel precedent for cooperation between the entertainment and production arms of the fashion industry.