Yves Saint Laurent,

The MBL Group is taking a prominent role in releasing the latest fashion trend for women. Following the lead of another major fashion brand, Yves Saint Laurent, MBL is now taking the baton and making headlines with its own sophisticated and vibrant seamless back rise trouser. This fashionable trouser is designed to make women feel sexier and younger by highlighting the female figure. In addition, the seamless back rise trouser features a new cut to make almost every body type feel more attractive.

Change is Good

The traditional women’s trouser often feels uncomfortable and looks unattractive from the back. In an effort to change the unpleasant look and feel of traditional trousers, the new MBL seamless back rise trouser offers a fresh design that is flattering to women. From working women to fashionistas, MBL’s seamless back rise trousers allow modern women to look and feel great without compromising their designer style.

The Promotional Launch

Once the Lancôme anniversary is completed in Paris, France in July 2016, Jay Johnson will be returning to New York City to join the MBL Group. As he completes his fashion styling with Julia Roberts, Jay will be ready to launch his media promotion of the seamless back rise trouser. Jay’s creative genius will be highlighted during the promotional launch of MBL Group’s latest fashion trend with sharing his high-quality pictures for publication in several popular fashion magazines. As the release of the MBL seamless back rise trouser makes its debut, the fashion press will be able to see, share and comment on this fabulous new design.