Jessica Pike

Jessica Pike


"I'm the girl next door with a dirty mouth." That's how Jessica Pike, the actress who'll be walking the red carpet at this year's 2014 MBL Pre-Emmy Awards, puts it.

Pike is a professional and positive-minded actress from the Midwest who moved to Los Angeles in order to further her career and study comedy, improv and character acting at the Groundlings School, following in the footsteps of legends like Tina Fey and Will Ferrell. "If I can do what I love every day and pay my bills and make a living off of it," Pike says, "then I'm winning in the world."

Pike's most recent work is Catrun 2, a comedy produced by John Stockwell (producer of Blue Crush starring Kate Bosworth). She plays Tina, a bride whose wedding ceremony gets broken up by an ex-boyfriend. The film will be released on August 24, 2014. Pike also starred in Mara Stevens's Zipper, based on a true story about politicians with an underground ring of high-end escorts.

Pike next hopes to get a part-time role in a TV sitcom. Why comedy? She answers that laughter is a gift she loves to give other people. Her way of speaking shows she's thrilled about what life has to offer her.

Pike tells us she's extremely excited to walk on the red carpet at the Pre-Emmys. "I love the dresses," she says of MBL's evening gowns. "They're beautiful, they're elegant ... they're feminine, they're delicate and I think they embody the spirit of a Hollywood actress—classic beauty." Perfectly stated, Jessica! We can't wait to have her represent MBL this year.