Star Wars Episode VII

Tsujihara Leading Warner Bros. into Promising Future


In an article about Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara that was published in the March 30 edition of the New York Times, the talented executive was described as a relaxed individual who is also driven to create as much success for his company as possible. In fact, Warner Bros. will release more movies this summer than any Hollywood studio, eight, and it currently has the most television shows in production, 63. A “pumping pipelines of movies” is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. 

One way Tsujihara has impressed is by bringing an approach to this position that differs from what many Hollywood executives bring to the table. Chuck Lorre, the creator of shows such as “The Big Bang Theory,” is one of many who appreciate Tsujihara’s style of approach to this business. 

“I trust Kevin not to make shortsighted decisions based on ego,” Lorre told The New York Times. “He’s a very mature, sophisticated executive.” 

Tsujihara has proven to be open to promoting new types of movies and television shows and to provide up-and-coming actors with opportunities to showcase their talents. 

One such film is “Star Wars Episode VII,” which started filming in April and will be released in December 2015. Jon-Paul Vertuccio is one of the actors who has been given an opportunity by casting director April Webster to showcase his impressive raw natural talent in a leading role in this feature film.

After spending much of his childhood in Jacksonville, Fla., this talented artist headed to the University of South Florida in Tampa to study psychology. However, just one class short of earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Vertuccio changed his life pursuit to acting and moved to New York and then Los Angeles, decisions that he has not regretted. 

Vertuccio is the perfect example of a raw talent. Although he has not taken any acting classes, he explodes with excitement and delivers his lines with believable passion when in front of casting directors. It is clear that acting is something that he was born to do. 

Tsujihara is continuing to look for actors like Vertuccio, those with raw talent that deserves to be showcased. Vertuccio and others like him are now receiving opportunities to fill the gap that is expected to form once iconic actors such as Al Pacino and Robert De Niro retire.