Oscars Pre-Party 2014

Anya Bykova

With green eyes that can rip daggers through your soul, the Russian born beauty is ready to use her allure in order to hypnotize a captivated movie audience. The thrill of life seeps through the dreaming maiden’s passionate of gracing us with her presence upon the silver screens. Anya Bykova touched American soil to melt the ice and set the world on fire. Dangerous, sensual, vulnerable, powerful; Bykova is the volatile spitfire with deep methodical eyes. Her story of the immigrant coming to the City of Angeles is one of legends but very few can reach the sky. Bykova is one of the chosen few.


Anya Bykova was born in Russia. At the age of 12, and she immigrated to the United States. Five years ago, Bykova relocated to San Francisco and eight month ago moved to Los Angeles to feverishly pursue her love for acting. Always the persistent fighter, the wild lioness pounces to seize the moment. She claws her way to the top to get bigger and better roles each and every day.


The vivacious actress did voiceover work in 2010’s Jean Claude Van Damme’s starring and producing vehicle “Soldiers.” On March 1, 2014, the bonafide doll-face beauty will walk the red carpet at Ivar Castle for the pre-Oscar soiree hosted by MBL Group International. Bykova will stand out in the crowd wearing an MBL designed and styled number working her brooding magic. Her time is now. 2014 is year of Anya Bykova.

Remember the stare, beware of the thunder that is Anya Bykova--- a beautiful bewitching muse ready to take the world by storm one or another. She is the American Dream personified.



I was born in 1988 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. After getting BA degree in Diplomacy & International relations, moved to San Francisco in 2009 to follow my dreams and passion. Living in LA from May 2013.

Oh also she asked me to describe myself in a few words: Charismatic, genuine, diverse.