Jzapal Jackson (also known by her stage name, JhonnI Blaze) opened up about her relationship with rapper Drake: although the pair is not really in a relationship, they were very close and intimate, and she even claimed sarcastically that she could have been pregnant with the rapper’s child, because she didn’t use protection!

The statement comes as a shock to many, because it is sending a wrongful message to young women. She should take responsibility to protect herself, and it is important for her to show young women the way! She was recently also hired to drop a verse for ATL Hip-Hop Money Roll, but was eventually fired due to being mentally unstable and emotionally reckless. Even her own team has abandoned her, because she doesn’t seem to be able to work properly. It was very disrespectful to talk about her sex live with Drake, and slender her coworkers in the ATL hip-hop money roll mixtape, just bringing a ghetto attitude in the corporate world!