Jay Z | La Love the Boss

Jay Z is not only a rapper, but also an entrepreneur, and sometimes, it can be a little controversial. He recently spent a lot of time being questioned by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), as they were looking deeper into Iconix Brand Group, a company that recently purchased stakes in Jay-Z’s clothing brand, Rocawear.

Born Shawn Carter, Jay Z said that he couldn’t really be of much help in the investigation, since he didn’t really know much about the company!

Could Jay Z be in some kind of trouble? Hopefully not, but he’d better put his focus on music again! If he doesn’t start releasing quality material again, chances are that others will take his throne, since there are so many fantastic releases happening right now, including, “Rap Money Roll”, by QC Kollision! This is only an example of the many excellent rap tracks growing hotter by the minute, while Jay Z is missing out due to business problems!