Kanye West | La Love the Boss

Is Kanye west losing his momentum? The controversial hip-hop genius has made headlines, but for the wrong reasons lately! He has been taking to his twitter account to write awkward tweets that everyone is hating on, and he is quickly losing fans!

Things went even worse when teamed up with Australian brand 2XU for a sportswear collaboration. The presentation event was met with absolute silence, and it seems like nobody cared!

The situation was so bad that the shop closed its doors only 45 minutes into the event, since there were not many customers. The company’s rep also decided to cancel the event altogether, throwing Kanye under he bus.

As they say, fame and fortune come and go: could this be the beginning of the end for Kanye’s glory days? We don’t know about that, be we are certain that there are many other rappers on the rise, including the talented artists working with QC Kollision on the single “Rap Money Roll,” which is becoming increasingly popular by the day!