Kendrick Lamar | La Love the Boss

Immediately press release, April 19th, 2018.

It’s been a few decades since any great rapper truly has been out of Compton Ca, to take the scene to the next level, matching the work of elite artists such as Snoop Dogg . Now, we have Kendrick Lamar, an artist who has an amazing career in rap music. His single humble has broken sky-high records, with a video that went viral on YouTube.. reaching over 478,513,290 views.

It’s not surprising to see that so many other rap artists are competing for the crown and the glittery lifestyle. One of them is Kollision, an artist coming from Atlanta GA. He is signed with the top record label in Atlanta GA, “QC”, and has recently dropped his new single, “Rap Money Roll”. Ft Nikki Paige, Dano Cashh.

The promo campaign kicked off with La love the boss.She is the host of the campaign, being on the billboards across the USA with her unique image. Currently, the artist is looking for the right super models who will participate in promo videos for the new single. The top models across the USA who will be selected to join the official music video, are destined to make a name for themselves, because the video will become viral once it will be officially released!