Fashion Apparel 2018

Overall, the fashion and apparel industry is a juggernaut and it’s easy to see why: everyone needs clothing and it’s a product that we use every day. And that’s the beauty of fashion and why it holds untapped potential for VCs; it’s the perfect combination of market size, unending global demand and an industry that has yet to be fully disrupted. Indeed, there are still many problems that need to be solved in the fashion industry and the payout for solving them will be significant.


It’s no surprise that people want to look good for less. Companies like Fab are trying to solve this problem, but I believe they and many others are only beginning to scratch the surface. Subscription boxes like StyleMint and Popbasic will continue to be popular, but there is still room for innovation when it comes to affordable fashion. I also see a future where crowdsourced apparel will become mainstream.

Big data

One of the most vexing problems that retailers continue to face is knowing what to buy and stock on their shelves. Unsold inventory costs retailers billions of dollars a year and only now are we beginning to see startups like Editd take a big data approach to solving this problem. With millions of retail stores around the world, a big data solution to fashion inventory can become a very lucrative market.