Stella McCartney

Martioni Black Label, Isaac and Sa'Miya Join Forces to Fight Breast Cancer

Martioni Black Label (MBL), has made an impression on red carpet ceremonies in Hollywood. After becoming a big name in the industry, the fashion brand is now devoting their talents to the noble goal of Breast Cancer Awareness. On April 29, 2016, MBL will host a press conference at 4 p.m in New York City. The press conference will be held at the Museum of Modern Art.

At the press conference, Martioni Black Label will introduce a new trouser silhouette. Never seen by the public before, this new trouser has a boat leg that is fitted from the knee up. From the knee down, it is designed with a heavy fuse to keep the fabric from folding while walking. MLB brings a freshness to the world of fashion with fresh looks, high-quality fibers and top craftsmanship. These trousers are offered in material like wool, leather and cotton.

While we know that P.E.T.A. May attack us for the animal products used in the design, we are working to limit global warming in our designs. While brands like Stella McCartney like to use toxic plastic in their designs, we have avoided all forms of plastic. This human-made product is highly toxic to the environment and contributes to melting ice caps and pollution. By avoiding plastic and similar materials, we are doing more to help the environment and limit pollution.

At the press conference, we will also be releasing the latest single by Isaac and Sa'Miya. Sa'Miya grew up listening to music legends like Luther Vandross and began singing at the age of three. As she grew up, she began writing music, singing in the church choir and writing poetry. Over the years, she has worked with artists like Brisco. Previously, Brisco worked with Lil Wayne and Flo Rida.

Isaac has worked to develop his own music label, Music Babies LLC. Over the years, he has worked with top names like Pretty Ricky, Jason Derulo and Pleasure P. Jason Derulo was previous a multi-platinum artist with over one billion album streams to his name. Loaded with talent, Isaac can produce music as well as play piano, guitar and the drums.

Sa'Miya and Isaac have joined in our efforts as a way to give back to society. In 2012, Sa'Miya lost her father to cancer. She understands the difficulties of dealing with cancer and what families are experiencing. Sa'Miya hopes that her music will help people to connect and work through their pain.

Before long, it is expected that the song will be played on every radio station in the United States. The funds raised from this venture will be donated to Carol M. Baldwin Research.